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About the Archive.

As founder of The Art Library of Copenhagen, established in 1957 as a rental system for original contemporary works of Art, Knud Pedersen ran his library from the old Sct Nikolaj Church in Copenhagen. In cooperation with the artist Arthur Köpcke and the Danish Association of Young Composers (DUT) the first FLUXUS concert in Denmark took place in the church in November 1962. From this time on and to the present day Knud Pedersen has collected archive material which has been given to him or sent to him by FLUXUS-artists.

In 1992 Knud Pedersen organized the 30th anniversary of FLUXUS which took place simultaneously in Wiesbaden, Malmø, New York and Copenhagen under the title "Excellent". The anniversary took place in cooperation with the Copenhagen Exhibition Building in Sct Nikolaj Church run by Lise Funder, FLUXEUM in Wiesbaden run by Michael Berger, Malmø Konsthal run by Sune Nordgren and Judson Memorial Chuch in New York where the event was run by Larry Miller.

The archive material consists of documentation, documents, books, videos, tapes, pamphlets, prints, posters, objects and other material connected to the relatively few artists who are classically related to FLUXUS.

This registration is compiled by the following student's from History of Art, Copenhagen University:

Malene N. Ratcliffe - project coordinator
Hanne Dahl Charlotte Lahn Pedersen
Birte Have Lindberg Kit Leunbach Højberg
Lis Nielsen Julie Stockmarr
Birgitte Prins