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All Rights Reserved. Copyrights to the contents on this website belong to Copenhagen Fluxus Archive, i.e. Knud Pedersen, and the individual artists. Use of the contents, except for personal use, require prior written permission from Copenhagen Fluxus Archive.

Photos of the individual pieces of art have been taken by Knud Pedersen, if not stated otherwise. Permission to reproduce the photographed pieces of art has been granted by each artist. However, in some cases it has not been possible to contact the artist or the heirs of the artist. If reproduction of a work is not wanted contact should be made to Copenhagen Fluxus Archive and the photo of the work in question will be removed immediately from the website.


Welcome to Copenhagen Fluxus Archive.

The archive has been established by Knud Pedersen. He has collected archive material which has been sent to him or given to him by FLUXUS-artists. Knud Pedersen came into contact with many of the Fluxus artists as early as the late 1950's, and therefore the archive contains material from 1959 until the present day.

The archive contains:

Material by or concerning Fluxus-artists

Material related to Fluxus

Material which is best described as "non-Fluxus Fluxus" (Commercialized Fluxus after 1978)

Mail Art
Projects involving Fluxus artists and projects directly inspired by Fluxus.

You can contact us on or +45 33136970 for further information.

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